“Pamiętnik Biblioteki Kórnickiej” [“The Journal of the Kórnik Library”] is an annual ranked among the scientific journals with the longest publication history in Poland. The primary goal of the periodical founded in 1929 is broadly understood promotion of its home institution.  Its thematic scope is related to the activity of the Library and includes papers with librarian contents in the strict sense, as well as articles devoted to museology, research, and the edition of texts. The Journal publishes texts based on our collections, and papers presenting the history of the Kórnik Library and people connected with it. Since its very beginnings, the periodical has played an important role in Polish humanities research and in the dissemination of the national heritage.

“The Journal” is published by the Kórnik Library.

“The Journal of the Kórnik Library” is featured on the Ministry of Science and Higher Education list of indexed journals.

“The Journal” is listed in the BazHum and CEJSH databases as well as on the website of Wielkopolska Biblioteka Cyfrowa [Digital Library of Wielkopolska] and Czytelnia Czasopism PAN [Electronic Library PAN].

Address for correspondence:

Polska Akademia Nauk/Polish Academy of Sciences
Biblioteka Kórnicka
Pałac Działyńskich
Stary Rynek 78/79
61-772 Poznań
tel. +48 61 852 48 44
e-mail: pamietnik@bk.pan.pl

The primary (main) version of the journal is its printed version.

Authors of submitted papers do not receive any fees.